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New! Ama successfully passed & received distinction for her ABRSM Grade 2 Piano exam in 2010.

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Children book:
Ama as the main character in Ama and the Talking Tree, written by Ank and illustrated by Diana


20 new illustrations

Focus Reading on Artist@Large Poetic MC Lyrics by Absolute Sovereign Ank J. SteadySpear, Social documentary, UK Hackney 2005.

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Artist@Large Poetic MC Lyrics
Ama and the Talking Tree
The Black & White Boy
Ankh the Key of Life
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Steady Records MAD Audio, an online NON-PROFIT Independent Audio Recording Label which specializes in promoting unheard voices and unique sounds normally trampled on by the big industry.
Hot album:
Tri-Trinity Voices of Sovereignty Terra Nullius
A.K.A: Ank Steady + Poetic MC + The Scribe = Artist@Large

Uno Pound Sharing New! It’s not a show: it’s just a wisdom flow: Talk radio fused with poetry: pounding knowledge you should know: The Professor on the throne: A living deity in motion traveling on the Cosmic Ocean: sharing the life’s notions: Through Uno Pound frequency vibrations:           


:PROF. NKWNGR DP MEMBER NOTES: New! Welcome to the Voyage for Infinite Peace: An Emissary of the Divine: The paths and steps towards Peace is never a easy trend to follow, because there are so many paths or steps to navigates towards a lasting pattern of Peace: In the years of living in this dimensional scope of what we all called reality, we have all witnessed more and more episodes of war than reality of Peace, this is empirical fact, globally, internationally and nationally:

Ama Vegan Child Coming soon ! : AVC : Ama Vegan Child: Ama Vegan Cooking: Ital Vital Vegan Food: Sharing a Healthy Mood and Some Vegan Recipes Too: From in Thy Mother Womb this Story Started to Bloom: Enjoy our Gift and stay in Tune: For our Future Literary progress: AMA-VC Recipe Book and Pretty Poems & Delicious Drawings: AVC: AMARED :

Voices of Sovereignty New!
Divine-X Artist@Large creative literary associations, expressive patterns of words,
music, images and dialogues of intense emotions, this is a journey of a Sovereign without
egotistical claim of land and kingdom. Inspired goal is sharing and stimulation of
financial energy for progressive growth on creative distributions of intentions.

The Scribe
Artist at Large that's me. Ank J. SteadySpear beside the other talents of creativity, I am also a poet & a writer. I was born in Kingston Jamaica not in wealth so instead I was guided by intellects. In trying to overstand the pattern of who I am and where I came from, I left Jamaica around the age of fifteen...

Presentation to The Art Institute at Bournemouth
a letter from Mrs. N. van de Pol, the Director of the Queen's Office in the Netherlands

Ankh Society
We are everyday people who so happen to be concerning individuals on the future of humanity. With the diversity of our union our focal perceptions are listening, sharing and acceptance, for within the gratitude of observation the beholding factor is we are all the same, children of the light seeking understanding on the bigger purpose of life...
Artist@Large Photography
Using digital and manual cameras to express some cinematography skills. Artist@Large photographs are of people, places, and things. They're exposures of imagery transformed into online digital stills. While few photographs display the control environment of studio works, most of the photographic projects themes are travelling and documenting of inspirational encounters and aesthetic emotions.
Sound Vibration
I am one of the Original Yardie from Jamaica, 51 Maxfield Avenue Big Yard Crew not too far from Studio One and Channel One studio. As a little boy these were the spots... yes I used to get beating a lot for stealing out to jam on these spots... seeing the dreads them smoking a joint looking out for cops. As an observer of life, the struggles led me to migrate from Jamaica to the USA. I am the second child of a love gone wild. I am social and cultural ambassador spreading positivty through the expression of Arts.

2 video clips from Lee "Scratch" Perry concert in Belgrade, Yugoslavia.
Pure-V with Steady Poetry, a musical representation of creative individuals in collaboration of the same ideal, which is the structural growth of poetry and musical scores whether it be the percussions of accompanying instrumentalist lead tools of standard and none standard on traditions of musical compositions.
Latest update:
Watch video clip from Pure-V early days
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Creative Freedom through the Arts.
Some people attend art school to learn to be an Artist, little do some know that everyone is born an artist. A few realize this and live out the rest of their live sharing one of the greatest gift we have as humans creative freedom. We are on a journey. A blissful journey of colors, forms, shapes, etc, all expressing the arts through creative freedom.
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